I recently took the plunge and decided to upgrade my camera! I’ve been using the Canon 40D for five years now and I love it but just felt the time was right to spoil myself. There were a few things I was looking for in a new camera and the 70D ticked all the boxes, as well as adding a few extra “nice to haves”.

Canon 70D

Canon 70D

Here is a little video showing off three of the nifty features of the 70D, namely the ability to control an off camera flash using the 70D’s built in flash, the articulated LCD touch screen (this should be very useful when trying to shoot from really low angles and some other awkward spots I’m sure), and the ability to control the 70D with your smartphone via wifi.[youtube=http://youtu.be/4T1m1vWEShQ]

I’m really looking forward to playing with the 70D over the next little while and really utilizing these and other features to their fullest! Hopefully i’ll have some pretty great pictures to add to my gallery as well!

Finally a big thanks to Andrew Beck and the guys at Wild Eye for the advice and sourcing the camera for me!

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