Have you ever seen a disgruntled poker player leave the room in a movie, having just lost all his cash? What does he do just before storming out of the room? Flips the table! Well that works just as well in the real life office environment!

There comes a point where the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze! I just reached that point! I’m no longer prepared to sit in a cramped little office being miserable because it’s what mom, dad and society thinks I should do, and it pays the bills.

Better the uncertainty of funemployement than the certainty of misery; that’s my theory anyway! I’m on a mission to forget everything I was ever taught! Ok, not quite everything but at least society’s lessons about schedules, 9-5 jobs, other people’s expectations etc etc. It’s time for me to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the journey without worrying about the destination and, to quote one of those cheesy motivational posters, do more of what makes me happy!

The only caveat to this “plan”, is that there isn’t a plan! But who needs a plan? That’s one of those societal expectations, right?

Wish me luck, the journey begins now.
Destination? ……

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