Ponta do Ouro is a Scuba Divers paradise but, there’s so much more to this little town in Southern Mozambique. Grab an R&R and join me for a walk along it’s vibrant streets and golden beaches.

Sunrise at the Border

Arriving at the border before sunrise to avoid the rush turned out to be a fail, except for from a photographic point of view. My recommendation... Arrive at the border about an hour after it opens.

Good Clean Fun

Getting your car looking this way is optional but, as you can see it's definitely possible (and loads of fun!) if there's been some rain. Apart from the fun of getting dirty the look on people's faces as you drive by is also pretty amusing. The only facial expression that's more amusing is the one on the car wash attendants face when you get home...

The Whaler

Home away from home in Ponta. If you'd like to stay or dive with the whaler drop Hilton a line: hilton@thewhaler.co.za

To the Beach

The Whaler is right on the beach, one couldn't ask for a better location.

Dive Planning

The reception and map of all the diving options at the Whaler

All the Gear

Kit up area at the whaler, just waiting for some divers...
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