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Born and raised in South Africa, like anywhere we have our issues but WOW! We are blessed with incredible natural beauty, weather and awesome people (if I do say so myself) down here on the tip of Africa! Sharing that with people is one of my major passions, there’s nothing better than having friends come and visit me from overseas and getting to play tour guide for a little while. Unfortunately overseas friends just don’t visit often enough and the tour guide withdrawal symptoms start to kick in between said visits. So, that’s one of the reasons behind this blog, to just keep on sharing South Africa with whoever cares to listen, visitors or not. Obviously a massive part of what I love about South Africa is the wildlife. I hope that through my blog or otherwise I can contribute to conservation and awareness about just how threatened Africa’s wildlife and natural environments are.

I love my photography so expect this to be quite visual, if you like the photography side of things please check out my portfolio site here.

I also love travelling and recently quit my job with the intention of doing more of it! Am I going to be a full time travel blogger and photographer? Who knows, I guess it depends on whether you all enjoy it, so let me know if you do! One thing is for certain though, I don’t plan on going back to a rigid office schedule, I’ll keep you posted on how that’s working out for me 🙂

Keep an eye on My Bucket List to see what I intend seeing and doing over time and as I check things off I’ll link back to stories and photos of my experiences. Like I said, one of my favourite things is sharing awesome places and experiences with people so, please get in touch, ask questions, add comments and let’s have a little fun! After all (warning here comes the mandatory cliche), we only have one life, so live it and love it. If you’re not loving it, leave it! (I don’t mean leave life in general, just the bits you’re not loving!)

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